Chakra Essential Oils Set *BALANCE & DIFFUSE*


These essential Chakra Oils are made exclusively by Soul Crystals with only the finest, therapeutic grade oils AND infused with CRYSTALS! They are based with a coconut oil & safe for all ages! They are intended to use on your Soul Crystals Diffusing jewelry or directly on your skin, corresponding to each of your chakras. The labels on the bottles (as shown in the pictures), tell you which each oil is intended to do, or benefit:

Root Chakra Oil: Grounding, Security, Stability / Immune System

Sacral Chakra Oil: Creativity, Self-Expression, Emotional Stability / Hormonal Balance

Solar Plexus Chakra Oil: Self-Worth, Self-Esteem / Stomach Sensitivity & Digestion

Heart Chakra Oil: Give & Receive Love of All Kinds / Respiratory System

Throat Chakra Oil: Communicate Effectively / Sinuses

Third Eye Chakra Oil: Meditation, Concentration, Intuition / Headaches & Migraines

Crown Chakra Oil: Deeper Understanding of Oneself Beyond Physical Realm / Stress & Anxiety

The choice is yours; buy one or all seven! You do not need all 7 oils to benefit from them. (They are sold separately in the “Essential Chakra Oils” tab.)


Scroll down and click on a stone to view its meaning!

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