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Above and Beyond

Katie has a true gift and a passion for her amazing quality crystals! Her knowledge of the
meaning and healing powers of them awesome. She knows just what you need to
have and why. I have many bracelets from her and love them all. If I forget to wear them which is very rare I will turn around and go get them! The moment I put them on I feel better. She goes above and beyond for her clients the moment she hands you your bracelet ,necklace etc you feel a sense of calmness and happiness. I recently broke mine on accident I had just had back surgery and felt lost without it. She made it immediately even with 5 kids and delivered it to my house! And was kind enough to wash my hair for me because I was unable to myself. You can get bracelets like this elsewhere but each of hers are made to order for you not in some factory each stone is hand picked either by you or her she leaves it up to you.

Nicole S.

Beautiful, Handmade with Love Piece

These bracelets and necklaces are put together by the most loving hands. Created with your best well being in mind. The creator is a wonder woman. Managing to create her items as well as making cards for each piece so you know and remember the power of the elements in them, all while raising 5 girls. I spent time at her booth while all her girls were there and her kids are the most calm respectful and in tune kids I’ve met. When you buy from her you are not only getting a beautiful handmade with love piece to ware you are also supporting a wonderful woman.

Treeona H.

Cute and Quality Pieces

Considering how hard it is to find jewelry made naturally from the Earth; this had me very excited when I searched the website. Easy lay out made it great for me to search my
birthstone which is my favorite. Also great descriptions for each stone and its properties. It came fast and in the most adorable package. Opened it up to a even more adorable packing inside per bracelet. Cute and quality pieces wrapped up with love and care. I will be buying more from Katie in the future.

Hannah S.

BEYOND helpful and informative

Katie was BEYOND helpful and informative. My friend and I had so many questions and she wasn’t hesitant to answer any of them! knowledge on crystal is beginner at best, and I
left feeling completely informed and confident on all of my purchases! She even helped me pick out the perfect crystals for a friend! Will definitely return for future gifts!

Brandie B.
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