Amazonite & Aquamarine Diffuser (Mighty Mala) *PEACEFULNESS & TRUTH & COMMUNICATION*


Amazonite & Aquamarine represent peacefulness, communication, finding one’s inner truths and letting go of any and everything that no longer benefits one’s highest good. They are paired with Lava Stone, which encourages stability & positivity during times of change. Diffuse this Mighty Mala’s Lava Stones with your favorite essential oils! Lastly, each tassel is custom made, and represents the lotus roots; reminding us to be rooted & grounded.


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Malas are necklaces that consist of 108 beads and are ideal to use during meditation. It is said that there are 108 energy lines that come into your heart center, with one leading straight to your crown chakra. In tradition, malas are considered prayer beads, and a mantra is to be recited for each bead. People have used malas for thousands of years, not only as meditation tools, but to increase soul power. The beads are blessed and activated, enhancing the wearer’s intentions.
Soul Crystals has 3 convenient sizes; the Mini Mala, the Mighty Mala, and the traditional sized Mala. The Mini Mala consists of 54 beads; exactly half of the traditional size. The Mighty Mala consists of 81 beads; exactly ¾ of the traditional size. The full-sized Mala consists of the traditional size of 108 beads. The length varies for each mala, due to the size of crystal beads used. If you are looking for a specific length, please consider a custom piece.

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